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Mulready, N., Bolter, M., Stilts, C., Development of synthetically available functional groups on 3D printed objects

American Chemical Society, National Meeting 2016

 San Diego, CA

My goal as a research advisor has been to provide the students with an opportunity to perform novel research and to present their research in a public forum as either a paper, poster or oral presentation. I feel it is important to develop a student as an independent researcher. As a student begins their project, I try to provide them with guidance, help them with techniques and model good research habits. As they progress with their research, I slowly try to let them take over the project, to let them make some of the decisions about the next step, to let them feel in charge. I also encouraged all of my students to present their research. Whether at local, regional or national venues, I think it is important for students to both “show off” their hard work but also to see what others in the scientific community are doing. As far as my own research agenda, I currently have two main research areas of interest. The first area involves research I did as a graduate student at the University of Buffalo. These research projects look at the use of photodynamic therapy to treat bacterial infections and disease.

My research group at Elmira has been evaluating PDT as a method to treat bacterial infections. We have done some initial studies with a variety of sensitizers and bacteria to determine the best protocol. We have had success with our plate studies. We have presented our data at several national American Chemical Society meetings. This study has many avenues to pursue and would be attractive to both biochemistry and chemistry majors.

In the past year, I have started involving students in using the Arduino microprocessor and 3D printed materials. I currently have two student projects in this area.  The first project is looking at using an Arduino controlled pump to view the real time progression of aspirin synthesis via fluorescence spectroscopy. The other project involves the use of Arduino driven syringe pumps to drive reactions in a 3D printed reaction chamber.  

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