Sexual Harassment


Each level of the U.S. military has different definitions of what sexual harassment is. But generally they are all the same.
The military definition of sexual harassment is:

Unwelcome or unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other inappropriate oral, written, or physical conduct of a sexual nature, occurring on school property, at a school sponsored event, or at work.


The Army's Sexual Harassment Policy

The policy of the United States Army is that sexual harassment is unacceptable conduct and will not be tolerated. The Army is totally committed to creating and maintaining an environment conducive to maximum productivity and respect for human dignity. The vision of America's Army as an effective force, trained and ready to fight and win, demands reaffirmation of a commitment to a work and duty environment free of sexual harassment for all personnel, whether civilian or military, in the active and reserve components. The Army is an organization of people, and its success is based on their ability to perform in an environment of mutual respect, dignity, and fair treatment. This demands zero tolerance of sexual harassment.

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Sexual harassment policy in the marines

The Marine Corps have annual training for sexual harassment in every level of the service.
Marines must not be hesitant to report incidents of sexual harassment or discrimination of any kind. Commanders must ensure Marines understand their obligation to report incidents, without fear of reprisal, and that people and services throughout the Marine Corps community are available to assist.
These are leadership issues, which require every commander's attention. Commanders must all ensure that Marines are treated with dignity and respect. Commandant greatest responsibility to the Nation is to make and provide Marines who will fight and win with as few casualties as possible. If the marines are treated with respect and dignity, they will allow the Corps to fulfill its mission.

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Sexual Harassment policy in the Navy

Any person in a supervisory or managerial position or any military member of civilian employee violates this policy if he/she makes unwelcome verbal comments or gestures; engages in sexually-oriented teasing or spreading of rumors; tells sexually-orientated jokes, or makes similar innuendoes. Any physical contact of a sexual nature is also engaging in sexual harassment. This policy prohibits harassment based on sexual orientation. The gender of the members/employees involved shall not be a factor when determining if sexual harassment has occurred.

The Navy is committed to eliminating all forms of sexual harassment. It is expected every manager and supervisor to be knowledgeable of regulations prohibiting sexual harassment and to carry out and take seriously these policies to their employees. Finally, any MSC employee who engages in sexual harassment while conducting business with personnel of the Department of the Navy, with other Federal agencies, with persons employed in the private sector or members of the public is violating the standards of conduct and will be subject to administrative/disciplinary action.

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Sexual Harassment policy in the Air Force

Secretary of the Air Force Sheila Widnall and Under Secretary for Personnel and Readiness Edwin Dorn presented a five-part plan for addressing the issue of sexual harassment.

They said they would:
* Work closely with Congress and in particular submit after-action reports on the four cases discussed at the March 9 HASC hearing
* Prepare a new sexual harassment policy statement for the Secretary's signature
* Establish a "Task Force on Discrimination and Sexual Harassment" to review and improve the Department's complaints handling process
* Conduct a new survey on sexual harassment in the military;
* Ensure that EO training for senior leaders includes instruction on leaders' roles in dealing with discrimination and harassment.

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