What is Ableism?

Ableism is defined as stereotyping , negative attitudes, and discrimination toward people based on a physical or mental disability resulting in discrimination and/or prejudice.

But even the terms of this definition are offensive to some people...

Ableism is experienced by people in all walks of life and at any point in a person's life. From newborn infants to adults contemplating assisted suicide - people with disabilities in the United States are generally viewed as incompetent and pitied with unwanted sympathy. Ableism insinuates that people without disabilities are "normal" and those with disabilities are somehow not equal, separating them from others. People with disabilities are perceived solely by their disability and not their individuality.

People with disabilities deserve respect and acceptance, especially in a society that is built on diversity.

Ableism should no longer be tolerated.
here are ways to reduce its effects.