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These are the results from a recent Poll of the Sexiest Female Sports Caster Final Voting Results - 221,760 total votes

1) Jill Arrington 57,643 26%

2) Melissa Stark 51,574 23%

3) Hannah Storm 30,254 14%

In another online poll of the Hottest Female Sportscaster which was found on mister poll there were several questions asked about current female sports casters. The questions asked are both demeaning to women as well as just appealing to guys fantasys of girls fighting, good legs, big chest etc. The Link to the website which contains the poll is located below, click and see for yourself.

The Pictures below are the choices from the online poll, click on their picture for a biogragphy.

Suzy Kolber

Melissa Stark

Lisa Dergan

Jillian Barberie

Lisa Guerrerro

Hannah Storm

Bonnie Berstein

Jill Arrington

With an average of over 500 votes per question, here are some of the results.



1) Which Lady has the Prettiest face?
Jill Arrington (18%)
Melissa Stark (14%)
Lisa Dergan (13%)

2) Who has the BEST chest?
Jillian Barberie (24%)
Lisa Guerrerro (21%)
Jill Arrington (17%)
Lisa Dergan (17%)

3) Which girl has the nicest ass?
Jillian Barberie (23%)
Jill Arrington (17%)
Lisa Dergan (14%)

4) Who is the overall sexiest sportscaster?
Jill Arrington (18%)
Jillian Barberie (14%)
Lisa Dergan (14%)