Dr. Kunihiko Imai, Associate Professor of Political Science

Courses Taught

Offered Course Number Course Title
Fall PSC1010 IIntroduction to Politics
Winter PSC1020 International Relations pdf icon
Fall 2010 PSC2030 Comparative Politics-European
Fall 2011 PSC2040 Comparative Politics-Asian
Fall 2010 PSC3012 Research Methods in Political Science
Fall 2011 PSC3030 The United States in the World Arena (American Foreign Policy)
Winter 2010 PSC3050 International Law and World Politics pdf icon
Winter 2011 PSC3060 International Conflict and Cooperation
Winter 2010 PSC3070 Developmental Politics pdf icon
As needed PSC3200 International Economics (International Political Economy)
Spring 2010 PSC2910, 2911, 2912, 2913, & 3900 Model United Nations Security Council
Spring 2011 PSC2950 Culture and People of Japan (Spring abroad)
As needed PSC4530 Senior Seminar; Practicum of Research Methods