Dr. Myra C. Glenn, Professor of American History

Courses Taught

I teach a broad range of both introductory survey and upper-level courses at EC. I generally run my classes as seminars where students discuss assigned readings and learn from each other as well as the professor. I work intensively on students’ analytical skills, especially through research projects and written assignments. I am committed to improving students’ abilities as writers, public speakers, and analytical readers. I recognize that these abilities are crucial for an educated citizenry and for any student seeking success in a competitive global economy.

The courses I regularly teach are described in the EC Bulletin and include the following:

Term Offered Course Number Course Title
Every Fall HIS 1400 US History to 1877
Every Winter HIS 1401 US History, 1877 to the Present
Every other Fall HIS/WMS 1402 US Women’s History to 1865
Every other Winter HIS/WMS 1403 US Women’s History, 1865 to the Present
Every other year HIS 2400 History of Colonial & Revolutionary America
Every other year HIS 2902 History of Recent America (1945 to the present)
Every other year HIS3403 The US as a Global Power, 1945 to the Present
As needed HIS 3405 The Enlightenment: Revolution in Eighteenth Century Europe and America
As needed HIS 3411 Reforming America, 1815-1860
As needed HIS 3412 The Transformation of American Culture, 1870s-1910s