Dr. Mariam Khawar- Associate Professor of Economics





My career at Elmira College began in 1997 as my first paid full-time job. After four years of studying at a small, liberal arts college and six years of graduate school at a research institution, I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to experience 'the other side of the divide', as a professor rather than a student.

Now entering my second decade at EC, I can honestly say this was the right choice. I enjoy introducing students to the principles of economics and prefer combining theory with 'expernomics' (experiments in economics) such as auctioning dollar bills to illustrate the ideas of sunk and marginal cost. (Yes, $1 bills have sold for $4.50!).

I especially enjoy teaching upper-level electives in economics where I get to combine my own interests in development economics with students' interest and enthusiasm on the subject, resulting in wide-ranging and lively discussions. My research is concentrated in this area as well, and I am currently working on a long-term project examining the links between geography, culture, institutions and economic growth.