Dr. Naphtali Hoffman , Associate Professor of Economics


I studied Talmud at Telshe Rabinical College in Wickliffe, Ohio, and at the Hebrew Theological College Skokie, Illinois. I earned the BA in Economics from Roosevelt University and the MA and Ph.D. in Economics from Case Western Reserve University, where his doctoral dissertation was titled, The Process of Economic Development in Cleveland 1827 – 1920. This work tested a theory of urban development developed by Richard Knight at Columbia University.

Following graduate school, I worked for The Eaton Corporation, where I performed a social audit, one of the earliest such studies of a major US firm. I also worked for Predicasts Incorporated (now part of Chase Econometrics) as an economic forecaster.

At Elmira College, I primarily teach microeconomics and applied microeconomic courses. Electives I teach include Public Finance, Environmental Economics and International Trade. My most unusual course, and most popular, is Economics in Film. This course explores the way economic problems are portrayed in the movies. It connects film with classic journal articles in economics.

My publications include World Paper and Paperboard and, with Stephen Brobeck, The Cleveland Bank Book and The Bank Book, as well as several articles and professional presentations. My primary research interest is issues in consumer banking. I have offered testimony to Congress on some of the banking legislation of the 1990's.