Philip M. Hurdle

Associate Professor of marketing


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Welcome to my website.

I created my first site in October, 1995 by using html tags in WORD text files.

A lot happened before I created my first website and even more since. Despite the miles, the one thing that has remained constant is teaching. I taught my first course in the evening at Monroe Community College (Rochester, NY) in Fall 1975 fresh out of graduate school while I was working full time in a marketing job during the day. On my first night of teaching I vowed, “If it isn’t fun, I’m not doing it.” So on that night I sat in the middle of the classroom and waited until someone impatiently wondered aloud, “Where is the jerk?” I said, “Here I am” and went to the front of the room as all the students laughed. I started with, “Learning is fun. Who wants to have fun? Let’s get started.”

I’ve had fun teaching ever since. Click around my site. It’s been a long strange trip for me, so I’ve tried to make it interesting for visitors each step of the way.

Captain Danny holding the leader on the 300-pound bull shark that took me about 90 minutes to bring in. Key West, 2009.