Dr. Carol Lenhart, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice



As a requirement for graduation, each student is required to complete an internship. Many students find interesting and rewarding internships in the immediate area, while others prefer to complete their internships closer to their homes, or in completely different parts of the country. Listed below are some of the more recent internships our students have completed.

Graduate and Law Schools and Careers

The education and co-curricular opportunities offered by Elmira College permit students who major in Criminal Justice to be successful. Students who have majored in Criminal Justice over the past several years have gone on to graduate or law schools such as SUNY Buffalo Law School, Cambridge University, SUNY Albany, Alfred University and Syracuse University; others have secured employment with the City of Richmond (Virginia) Police Department, the Las Vegas (Nevada) Police Department, Pennsylvania SPCA Humane Law Enforcement, Schuyler County (NY) Probation Department, United States Border Patrol, and as a Lieutenant in the United States Army.