What is an Abaya?



What exactly is an abaya?

An abaya is a long, usually dark colored cloak, worn by many of Muslim women. An abaya covers the woman totally from her neck to her toes. Some women even cover their whole face except for their eyes. There are small slits left in the veil portion of the abaya so the women can see. Women usually start wearing the abaya at the first sign of puberty. The abayas can be beaded and decorated, but usually only in dark colors. The whole point is to make the women discrete. No attention should be brought to a Muslim woman.

Where would you find women wearing abayas?

You can come across Muslim women wearing the cloak known as the abaya anywhere. You will find the abaya all over the Middle Eastern countries and also here in the United States. There are many families that have moved to the United States from a Middle Eastern country,who still choose to wear the dress of most Muslim women. Also there are many women that were born in the United States and have practiced Christianity their whole life, who decided to convert to the Muslim religion. Many of these women also choose to adopt the dress of the Muslim culture. You will find women in the abaya garb all over the world..


Why do women of the Muslim religion wear abayas?

Wearing the abaya is a normal part of the culture for Islamic women. "It's the way God wants us to dress," says Umm Ranya, an Iraqi who lived in Baghdad. "Islam teaches modesty, and we should follow Islam." The people that practice the Muslim religion are very much into their religion. The Quran, which is their holy book, talks about behavior for individuals, codifying law, family relations, business etiquette, dress, food, perosnal hygiene, and more. Devoted Muslims follow these teachings. In the Quran is says that women must dress modestly and must not draw attention to themselves. It is the way they are told to dress by God. It is part of their normal everyday life.