Matt K

What is this website? This website is profiling me (Matt K.) on the topics of what is sport and the dangers of geocaching. This homepage is going to tell you a little bit about me.

So…hi, I am a graduating senior double majoring in Political Science and Psychology. The institution that I am part of (a liberal arts college in the northeast) is all about appearances versus substance. The teachers who I have worked with are quite good and as a senior, I really have to praise them for the job that they have done…putting up with me. One of the professors in particular has a neat little description of me “a menace to society” and this website should show this particular idea (after all the what is sport and my work in the www.women class has made some people really upset with me). People should strive to be a little more controversial. By just appealing and going with the norms (of status quo ), things start to stagnate. So, after viewing this website, feel free to say things like “this idea is stupid” or that the author is a “menace to society.”

Maybe you will enjoy the website and find some humor in the choice of a Zen style template and some the cartoons on this page (they are from by the way, an excellent website that people should really go to).

Now also as a graduating senior in political science and psychology, I would be somewhat wrong in not mentioning how great these topics are to study. While they are the butt of many jokes (see the Fox series Bones for a good example), they provide interesting ideas and theories to study. If you are interested in these fields, check out my LINKS page for some great links and resources on these areas of study.

In my spare time, I like to read and watch good TV. There are very few good programs on the TV now and I highly recommend the TV series House M.D. and Ronald Moore’s Battlestar Galactica. These are some of the rare exceptions to the general rule that TV now is really bad. Oh, and stay away from what has caused TV to decline, the worst of TV…reality television. By watching it, you are all to blame when in ten years there will be nothing of value on cable TV…so stop watching these terrible programs that do not engage you and that makes your brain slowly rot.



Try to enjoy this website.