History of Women in






1883- Students begin cheering for their favorite athletes at sporting events in Great Britain.


1870- Princeton University established the first pep club.


1880- Princeton University organized the first yell group.


1889- Johnny Campbell at the University of Minnesota was the first cheerleader. He used a megaphone at the last game of the season and the Ariel Newspaper reported him as the first “Yell Leader at the University of Minnesota”


1890- University of Minnesota organized a cheerleading group.


1903- The first cheerleading fraternity was organized, Gamma Sigma.


1910- University of Illinois put on the first homecoming.


1923- Women started to become involved in cheerleading. The University of Minnesota cheerleaders started to put tumbling/gymnastics into their cheers.


1925- Lindley Bothwell at Oregon State makes the first flash cards to force the crowd to become involved.


1930- Many high schools and universities started to perform pom-pom routines which were paper at the time.


1948- Lawrence R. Herkimer formed the first cheerleading company. He created the organization NCA (National Cheerleaders Association) as a way to host cheerleading clinics. In 1949 there were a total of fifty-two girls attending the clinic. By the following year, the number had rose to 350.


1950- Many college cheerleaders started doing cheerleading workshops to teach younger girls cheerleading skills.


1960- Cheerleading was a well-known American high school and collegiate sport.



1960- Fred Gastoff invented the vinyl pom-pom.



1960's- National Football Teams began to organize cheerleading teams. The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were the first team recognized.


1967- The first ranking of the “Top Ten College Cheer Squads” was announced by the International Cheerleading Foundation.


1970- The Collegiate Cheerleading Championships were broadcasted on CBS-TV in 1978. The program was sponsored by the International Cheerleading Foundation.


1978- The first Collegiate Cheerleading Championships were broadcasted on televison by CBS.


1980's- Gymnastics was becoming a big part of the sport and cheerleading organizations began to add safety rules and guidelines.


1984- The organization Cheer Ltd. held the first meeting for coaches to lean about hands-on work and cheerleading techniques.


1987- AACCA was recognized as a National Certified Organization that conducted safety courses.


1990- All- Star Competitive Cheerleading was developed.


2002- William Paterson University placed first at the College National Championships- Small Coed Division.


2002- Palomar College placed first at the College National Championships- Coed Junior College Division.


2002- Fairmont State College won first at the College National Championships- All Girl Division II.


2004- It is estimated to believe that there are about 4 million participants in cheerleading within the nation.


2004- At the USASF World Cheerleading Championships, Cheer Athletics from Dallas, TX won the Senior All Girl Division and Miami Elite won the Senior Coed.


2005- A fourteen year old girl lost her life while performing an elite stunt at practice.


2006- NCAA established a policy that all cheerleading coaches must be safety certified by AACCA.


2006- At the USASF World Cheerleading Championships, in the International All-Girl division team Georgia took the gold, GuangXi from GuangXi, China took the silver and Jaguars All-Stars from Bogota, Columbia won bronze.


2006- Cheer Athletics set a world record in winning a total of six medals. They currently have four gold, and two silver World Titles.


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