History of Women in





Before 1800

1400 - The North American Indians created the game of lacrosse along with the lacrosse stick.


1834 - The first modern Lacrosse game was played.

1886 - The first known women's lacrosse game was played.


1975 - The US women's lacrosse team beat the British team for the first time in lacrosse history in England.

1982 - The NCAA added lacrosse as one of the nine women's national collegiate championships.


2001 - Jen Adams, broke the NCAA collegiate women’s lacrosse scoring record with eleven points.

2001 - Team USA head coach Sue Stahl became the first coach to earn four IFWLA titles.

2004 - Kelly Albin, a lacrosse player was selected as the NCAA Woman of the Year for her excellence in academics, athletics and community service.


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