History of Women in




Field Hockey

Before 1800

2000B.C.- Drawings were found in a tomb at Beni-Hasen of Egypt. Showing the act of men or people in general playing with sticks and a ball. Many think this was the first time people invented the game of Field Hockey. The Greeks, Aztecs and Romans were also known to have played the game.


1886- The very first women’s field hockey club is started in Surrey, England.

1894- The Irish Women’s Hockey Union, was the first national women’s field hockey association, and it was formed in Dublin.



1901- Constance M.K, at Harvard University, introduced Field Hockey to women of United States.

1920- The first American women's field hockey team, All-Philadelphia team competed internationally. Their application to the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp was denied, but they played in an English tournament and lost both games.

1922- The U.S. Field Hockey Association, the National Governing Body for field hockey in the United States, was established.

1927- The International Federation of Women's Field Hockey Associations was formed to provide competition for teams from the U.S., England, Scotland and Ireland.

1942- U.S. Field Hockey international activities were suspended during World War II.

1962- In front of 56,000 spectators at the Wembley Stadium, USA women solidified their place among the worlds elite with a 2-2 tie with England.

1980- Field hockey became a medal sport for women in the Olympics. The Zimbabwe women's field hockey team later went on undefeated to win the Olympic gold medal.



2005- UMass-Lowell won their first Division II Field Hockey title in a 2-1 victory over last year's winner, Bloomsburg University.

2005- Jackie Ciconte led the Maryland Terps to the 2005 NCAA Division I Field Hockey Championship title, overall defeating Duke, 1-0.


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