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Hockey Hall of Fame
Where Legends Eat, Sleep, and Breathe Ice

The Hockey Hall of Fame was founded in 1943 to establish a memorial to those who have developed Canada’s great winter sport ice hockey.

In 1983 a museum was incorporated in order to honor and preserve the history of the game and in particular those who made outstanding contributions and achievements in the development of the game.

The organization preserves and collects objects, images and histories which are determined to be significant to the story of ice hockey in Canada and throughout the world.

It is located in the BCE place Toronto Ontario.

They have a variety of sponsors including, IBM, Kodak, Molson, NHL, IIHF, Panasonic, and Pepsi.

Honored members include builders, referees/linesmen and players.

There are two-hundred and thirty two honored players from all over the world all of which are men.

The Hockey Hall of Fame works with members of the Canadian and international hockey league to ensure those who make a significant contribution and achievements in the game are honored and memorialized through their election into honored membership.