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Swimming Hall of Fame
Honoring the Legacy of United States Swimmers, Divers, and Coaches

The International Swimming Hall of Fame, located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was founded in 1965. Since that time, this non-profit organization has sought to honor men and women worldwide who have contributed to the fields of swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming, open water swimming, water safety, and aquatic art.

The purpose of the International Swimming Hall of Fame is quite specific: to have every person worldwide learn to swim. Other objectives include increasing public awareness about health and fitness in relationship to swimming, emphasizing an appreciation of the history and future of aquatics, and to stimulate a growing interest and passion for this field.

The International Swimming Hall of Fame also seeks to preserve the past and honor those who have made siginificant contributions to this field. This is accomplished through extensive archives, continuously changing exhibitions, and an ever-increasing library.

An Honoree Selection Committee, with participants from a range of countries across the world, comes together for the purpose of furthering the International Swimming Hall of Fame's purpose, goals, and ideas.

The actual museum associated with the International Swimming Hall of Fame hosts yearly events to perpetuate the appreciation of aquatics as an art and honors 17 individuals with their prestigious awards annually.

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