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Women's Basketball
Hall of Fame
Honoring Those Who Shoot for the Sky

Unlike many sports, the female division of this game has its own hall to commemorate key individuals in the history of women’s basketball.  This is unique, since most sports only have one hall for both sexes. 

The Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame is located in Knoxville, Tennessee.  The grand opening of this 32,000 square-foot structure occurred on June 5, 1999. On this day, 25 new members were inducted into the hall.  These inductees (22 of which were female and 3 male) included various individuals who played a significant role in the history of women’s basketball.  They included everyone from Senda Berenson Abbott, who is considered the “Mother of Women’s Basketball," to outstanding coaches, amazing players, and individuals who helped improve and promote the game of women’s basketball. New members were inducted into the hall each year since its grand opening.  This June, six new members will be accepted, bringing the total 91 inductees.  Seventy-seven of the inductees are women (69 American women and 8 from other countries) and fourteen are men.