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Women of the Halls of Fame
Honoring Female Athletes of the United States

It is no secret that the United States, throughout its first two hundred years of existence, struggled with the topic of equality between men and women. However, over the past century, the United States has slowly come both to recognize this equality and to do something about it.

Throughout the 1900s, women have become much more prevalent figures in the arena of athletics and competitive sports. Their endeavours have included basketball, baseball, lacrosse, hockey, swimming, and so many more sports. Unfortunately, their equality on the playing field has not always led to equality in their representation in athletic Halls of Fame -- the number of men inducted into these Halls of Fame that we explored vastly out-numbers women inducted.

This website serves to link women from so many Halls of Fame and to celebrate their contributions to their respective sports, their other endeavours, and their lives. The United States is a country blessed with many honorable female athletes worthy of our time and our recognition.