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Women's Hall of Fame
In Honor of Those Women who have Contributed to the Field of Athletics

Seneca Falls, New York has been at the center of women's rights for over 150 years. Beginning with the women who pioneered the struggle for equality among the genders--Elizabeth Stanton, Lucretia Mott, and so many more--Seneca Falls hosted the first Women's Rights Convention and has since been at the forefront of the fight for egalitarianism.

In 1920, there was a significant political change presented for women with the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America: women now held the right to vote.

Nearly 50 years after this point, in 1969, the men and women in Seneca Falls, New York created the National Women's Hall of Fame to honor and serve as a permanent home for the legacy of women who had made significant contributions in our country. This National Women's Hall of Fame houses artifacts that pertain particularly to women throughout history, serves as a research center, and features changing exhibits that honor women in America.

According to the National Women's Hall of Fame, their mission is as follows: "To honor in perpetuity these women, citizens of the United States of America, whose contributions to the arts, athletics, business, education, government, the humanities, philanthropy and science, have been the greatest in value for the development of this country."

The Hall of Fame has recognized 217 women since the time of its birth -- 7 of these women have been honored for their dedication and the difference they made in the field of athletics.