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Martial Arts Hall of Fame
In Honor of Those Exemplifying Eastern Culture

The Martial Arts Hall of Fame was established just a few years ago, in 1999. It is located in Santa Clarita, California. This particular Hall of Fame is unique from many others: the nomination and voting process for inducting new members rests entirely in the hands of prior inductees. The Hall of Fame intends to honor those who have been considered champions and who have contributed to the growth of martial arts.

There are over 30,000 schools across this country alone that teach some form of martial arts. The most popular form of martial arts here in the United States is yoga, an activity in which over seventeen million Americans have participated. Other prevalent forms of martial arts include kickboxing and Tae Kwon Do. Respect, bowing, and honor are foundations of all martial arts programs that have continued through the ages.

The martial arts have been targeted in particular at children between the ages of six and thirteen. This sport gives children a sense of discipline and structure. Many times, students participate in volunteer opportunities throughout their communities, which furthers a sense of accomplishment and dedication. Children learn the value of setting and achieving goals.

When each new member is inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame, the award given to her is a samurai statue, which has been nicknamed Sammy. Just like any samurai is willing to make sacrifices, those who have dedicated themselves to martial arts have sacrificed as well.

There are currently 70 members of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame -- 7 of these members are women, and 6 of the women represent the United States.